N.V. LEMAHIEU - About our company


N.V. LEMAHIEU is a plastics processing company with production facilities in Belgium and Poland. The basic activity consists of the development and production of moulded foam products. Over the years, this has been extended with all kinds of related assembly and logistics activities.

Active as a manufacturer of wooden packaging since 1890, N.V. LEMAHIEU started in 1966 with the production of fish boxes made of expanded polystyrene.

Other applications soon followed, such as technical packaging of, among other things, TV sets and applications for horticulture.

Starting from granulate - via a moulding process - a range of plastic products are manufactured, intended for the food industry, electronics, HVAC, automotive, construction and furniture sectors, among others.

In the meantime, the company has more than 50 years of experience in the development and production of moulded parts in particle foam (EPS, EPP, EPE, copolymers, ...).

The latest technologies are used to develop and produce technically advanced and challenging applications.

The most suitable materials for your application are selected in consultation with the customer. The ideal solution often consists of a combination of different materials, and with the integration of inserts.

Grown from the standard activities, the service was extended with further-reaching assembly activities. In the meantime, fully finished and tested units are being delivered on behalf of the customer.

LEMAHIEU attaches great importance to sustainability.

The environment is very important to us. With a certified environmental management system, the company's impact is closely monitored and continuously improved.