Custom Packaging


LEMAHIEU develops and produces the appropriate customized packaging for your products.


Some examples...

Packing in EPS offers optimal protection for the product during transport. Due to the excellent shock-absorbing properties, it allows for a reduction of the dimensions of the packaging, ideal for an optimized transport.

Transport trays in EPP, EPE or PIOCELAN are an ideal returnable packaging for fragile products. The packaging is both strong and protective, allowing it to be reused countless times.

Returnable packaging is designed to ensure optimum filling and protection, and to reduce additional packaging and handling. EPP can be coloured to create a clear distinction between different types of containers.

Instead of full trays from EPP, EPP packaging profiles can also be used for integration into standard containers.

Packaging for boilers.
Bottom trays covered with PS foil for reinforcement. In this way, the under tray can be used as a carrier at the customer's assembly line.

EPS and EPP are used for both the shock-absorbing cores of helmets and their packaging.