Get to know the unique properties of particle foams...


Thermal Insulation

Particle foams provide excellent thermal insulation.
This makes them very suitable as thermo-insulating packaging and for HVAC applications.

Light Weight

Particle foams are light and save resources.
In the automotive industry EPP reduces the weight of cars and thus also the energy consumption.

100% Recyclable

Particle foams are 100% recyclable, which is why this happens on a large scale.

Low Water-Absorption

Particle foams absorb almost no water when immersed.
This makes them suitable for applications in contact with water or moisture.

Chemically Inactive

Particle foams are resistant to most chemicals.

High Shock-Absorption

Particle foams absorb energy in the event of a fall and are shock-absorbing.
Moreover, EPP also offers protection against multiple impacts - making it extremely suitable for rotation packaging.


EPP is flexible and elastic. After compression it returns to its original shape.
EPS, PIOCELAN and ARCEL, on the other hand, are more dimensionally stable.

Sound Insulating

P-EPP, the porous variant of EPP, provides sound-absorbing properties.