LEMAHIEU is committed to sustainability.

With a certified environmental management system, the company's impact is closely monitored and continuously improved.

Environmentally friendly solutions in particle foam save energy and raw materials:
- Thermal insulation reduces energy consumption
- Moulded parts in EPP make vehicles lighter and reduce energy consumption
- Intelligent packaging reduces the risk of waste due to transport damage
- EPP components in ventilation units ensure heat recovery in buildings

LEMAHIEU recycles your used foam products.

As a VALIPAC operator, we also grant our customers certificates for the recycling of the returned packaging waste, entitling them to recycling premiums.

Electricity production by means of solar panels.

With more than 4.200 photovoltaic panels on our roofs, LEMAHIEU generates more than 1.000.000 kWh of electricity per year!


Energy generation by means of biomass.

After the oil crisis in the 1970s, LEMAHIEU was a pioneer in generating steam by means of biomass.

Limitation of the use of ground and tap water.

Rainwater is buffered in a large reservoir of more than 1.000.000 litres and used in the production process.

The process water is reused in a closed circuit with a minimum of waste water.

Responsible Care.

LEMAHIEU endorses the principles of Responsible Care of the chemical industry.