LEMAHIEU offers support from the development of the concept, over the design, production and delivery until the end of life recycling.


An ideal solution for your application is developed in consultation with the customer. For this, LEMAHIEU has modern CAD development techniques (SOLIDWORKS, ...) and more than 50 years of experience.


If desired, CNC or hand-milled prototypes of the newly developed products can be created. Based on these prototypes, an initial validation of the design can be done before new moulds are being launched.

Mould Design & Production

New moulds are developed and produced in Europe or in Asia.
Mould changes are made locally so that a fast and flexible service can be guaranteed.


A modern machine park with more than 50 automatic moulding machines offers an efficient and reliable production.

Thanks to the varied machinery, products with dimensions up to 2000x1000mm can be foamed in one shot.


The increasingly complex products also require more and more finishing operations.
We offer our customers all kinds of finishing and assembly services, both in Belgium and in Eastern Europe.


LEMAHIEU offers extensive storage solutions. End products with optimal batch sizes are produced and delivered to the customer Just In Time. If desired, delivery in sequence to the customer's assembly line can be arranged.



We have a well-developed recycling department for the take-back and reprocessing of your used foam products.
As a VALIPAC operator, we also grant our customers certificates for the recycling of the returned packaging waste, entitling them to recycling premiums.